How we do it

We have the ability to invest across capital structures and geographies through the various investment strategies we manage on the platform.  We seek to deploy our investors’ capital in investments that best match their risk / return objectives and liquidity parameters.  With the breadth and depth of our firm, we have the flexibility to develop capital solutions and invest in attractive opportunities that create value for our clients. 

Private Credit

$92 Billion

Our private credit investment strategies include:

Direct Lending

Invests in privately negotiated senior debt capital to middle market companies and borrowers in special situations globally

Strategic Investment Partners

Invests in junior capital solutions to mid- and large companies globally, including investments in mezzanine, subordinated debt, preferred equity and common equity co-investments

Real Estate

Invests in debt and equity issued by owners of stabilized and transitional real estate assets in the US and Europe, including through a joint venture with The Related Companies. Investments include senior mortgages, whole loans, mezzanine loans, preferred equity and other debt-like securities

Asset Value

Provides asset-based financing solutions to small- and medium-sized enterprises by acquiring asset portfolios and operating platforms that can originate and service those assets. Portfolios consist of leases and loans, often backed by assets such as equipment, information and computer technology, aircraft, auto, trucks and other assets

Energy and Power

Invests across the capital structure of companies in the energy and power sectors globally. Investments range from senior debt to mezzanine, subordinated debt, preferred equity and equity co-investments

Public Credit

$20 Billion

Our public credit investment strategies include:

North American Public Credit

Invests in performing and stressed North American corporate credits across the capital structure

European Public Credit

Invests in European corporate credits across the capital structure

Liquid Loans / CLO Management

Invests in floating rate secured corporate loans as well as CLO issuances and third-party securitizations

Securitized Credit

Invests in asset-backed securities, commercial mortgage-backed securities, non-agency residential mortgage-backed securities and CLO debt and equity

Asia Credit

Invests in Asia credit investments across the capital structure