Becoming a leading global investment firm doesn't happen in a vacuum. Join us for conversations with some of HPS’s closest partners and clients about how they got to where they are today, and how those experiences help them drive value creation on a day to day basis.



On this special recap episode, host Colbert Cannon rounds up the best bits from The HPScast's fourth season. We'll return in the new year with more great interviews, but in the meantime, be sure to revisit recent episodes and enjoy some of the Best Ideas from our guests.



On this week's episode of The HPScast, Colbert Cannon sits down with Managing Director at HPS, Anders Fisher. The Harvard undergrad and Stanford postgrad shares how he started his career at private equity firm Hicks Muse in their London office and later moved to private equity firm Golden Gate Capital in San Francisco. Fisher also describes what it was like starting his own firm, Tålamod Asset Management in 2008, before joining HPS in 2018 where he and his team continue to grow their investing strategy.

Check out Anders's Best Idea, The Cicero Trilogy, written by Robert Harris here. Also be sure to check out Colbert's Best Idea, the Coen brothers Academy Award winning film, No Country For Old Men here.


Bill Raftery, a living legend in the world of sports broadcasting, is Colbert Cannon’s guest on this week’s episode of HPS. Bill takes Colbert back to his early days of playing basketball in his neighborhood and how that led to his career playing and coaching ball at the collegiate level. Bill shares stories about the many people who impacted his life along the way and lessons learned from a life in the broadcast booth.

Listen to some of Bill’s broadcasting highlights here.

Check out Bill’s Best Idea, the book, Miracles on the Hardwood by John Gasaway, here. Also be sure to check out Colbert’s Best Idea - John Banville's murder mystery novel, Snow, available for purchase here.


On this week’s episode of HPS, host Colbert Cannon is joined by Carsten Quitter, Allianz Group CIO. Carsten, who graduated from Dortmund with a degree in computer science, shares with Colbert why he made a switch to risk capital management and all that came to follow after his successful career change. He also discusses what its like to manage risk and make investments in different geographies and what we can learn from different regions business cultures.

To learn more about Allianz's impact in more than 70 countries, click here.

Colbert’s Best Idea is to check out the German science fiction series, Dark. Click here to watch the show, available to stream on Netflix.


On this week's episode of the HPScast, host Colbert Cannon sits down with Hg Capital former partner, Richard Donner. After a series of roles in finance in London, Donner eventually landed at Hg Capital and spent nearly 20 years with the company, notably driving the success of their capital markets business. He recently retired, and is focusing his time on the Hg Foundation, a non profit focused on developing skills for employment in the tech industry.

Find out more about Richard and Hg Capital here.

Click here to check out Eric’s Best Idea of the week, Robert A. Caro’s biography of Lyndon B Johnson, The Passage of Power.




On this episode of HPS Colbert Cannon is joined by Eric Kinariwala. Eric is the CEO of Capsule, an online delivery pharmacy dedicated to removing friction around prescription drug distribution for patients, doctors, and drug companies alike. Eric, a Wharton and Stanford Business School graduate, discusses how he founded his successful healthcare business and how his time working at Bain Capital and Perry County has contributed to his performance as a CEO.

Find out more about Eric and Capsule here.

Click here to check out Eric’s Best Idea of the week, the non-fiction thriller On Wings of Eagles, written by Ken Follett.




On this episode of The HPScast, Colbert Cannon sits with the CEO of one of the great auction houses in the world, Laura Doyle of Doyle Auctions. Laura joined after graduating undergrad from Pennsylvania University. Colbert discusses all of her noteworthy successes, including expanding the auction presence to a digital platform and how that effort has been incredibly important in the auction world during the pandemic.

Click here to view the Doyle digital presence..

Laura's Best Idea was a piece of advice we might tend to take for granted -- remember to self preserve during this time. For Laura, she says that can be as simple as masking up or taking a walk at lunchtime. Colbert's Best Idea can be found here. It's Lin Manuel Miranda's hit musical made movie, In the Heights.




This week, host Colbert Cannon sits down with friend and Managing Director at HPS, Jeff Fitts. After graduating with a BS in Finance from the University of Delaware, Jeff spent years working his way up the ranks at Citicorp to become the leader of their restructuring group. From there, he went spent six years as a Managing Director at Alvarez and Marsal. In 2014, Fitts joined HPS, where he’s lead workouts and restructuring for the firm for the past seven years.

Find out more about Jeff’s Best Idea, Tonal, a digital weight lifting system, here. Also be sure to check out Colbert’s Best Idea, the 2016 Japanese Kaiju film, Shin Godzilla, here.





In this week’s episode, host Colbert Cannon is joined by world renowned former professional poker player, Annie Duke. Having studied at Columbia and pursuing a PhD at Penn State University, today, Duke is a philanthropist, a public speaker and bestselling author. Her book, Thinking in Bets, was actually a Best Idea Colbert offered in a past season of the show. In her book she combines her poker acumen with her behavioral and psych background to give insights into making decisions on limited information.

To learn more from a true master of decision making, you can check out Annie's books here.

Annie Duke left us with a great piece of advice for her Best Idea - boldly say when you do not understand something that was said. You can listen to Colbert’s Best Idea here, which is his sister’s T.C. podcast, TC After Dark here.



This week, host Colbert Cannon looks at key takeaways from The HPScast's third season. We'll be back in the fall with more great interviews, but we encourage you to enjoy these last days of summer by checking out all of the Best Ideas from our guests.




Sitting down with host Colbert Cannon this week is President of Corporate Banking at Capital One, Darren Alcus. We’ll hear about his education at Dartmouth and earning his MBA at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. Darren walks us through his time at Bankers Trust in Atlanta before spending two decades at GE, resulting in him becoming President and CEO of GE’s health care financial services business unit. We’ll also hear how Capital One came to purchase the branch Alcus ran at GE and why he’s stayed with Capital One to this day.

Learn more about Darren's role at Capital One here.

Take a look at Darren's Best Idea, the book The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson, here.
Colbert’s Best Idea this week is to take a trip to New Orleans - check out one of his favorite NOLA restaurants, August, here.



Colbert’s guest on this week's episode is CEO of Rayus Radiology Kim Tzoumakas. Having received her undergraduate degree from Northwood University and her law degree from Western Michigan, Tzoumakas has had a nearly 20 year long career at Hall Render, a prominent law firm focused on the healthcare industry. Kim and Colbert discuss her time at Hall Render, other positions she has held as a leading healthcare executive, and the challenges she overcame in those roles.

To learn more about Rayus Radiology, formerly known as the Center for Digital Imaging, visit their website here.

Check out Colbert's Best idea, supporting pediatric cancer research through the organization Cookies for Kids Cancer, here.



Host Colbert Cannon is joined by founder and managing partner of Brewer Lane Ventures, John Kim. We’ll hear about how he went from earning an MBA at University of Connecticut to leading Cigna’s Retirement and Investment services business all the way through Prudential’s acquisition of the company in 2004. John speaks about joining New York Life as CEO in the midst of a global financial crisis. We’ll also hear about what led him to launch Brewer Lane Capital, an early stage venture capital firm, in 2019.

To learn more about Brewer Lane Ventures, visit the website here.

Check out John’s Best Idea, Stephen Covey's book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People here. Learn more about Colbert’s Best Idea, the book Cod, by writer Mark Kurlansky here.


Colbert Cannon sits down with Anthony Wilbon, the Dean of Howard University's School of Business. We hear about his experience as a consultant for everything from Westinghouse and Booz Allen and Hamilton to the Fed, all while pursuing an MBA at Howard University in the evenings. Anthony speaks to the enriching experience he had at Howard University, which catalyzed his eventual pivot into academia to become a mentor to up-and-coming generations. We also discuss the ongoing partnership between HPS and Howard University to help the latter's students find their way into careers in private investment and investment banking.

To learn more about the partnership, visit the website here.

Check out Colbert's Best Idea, the book Greed and Glory on Wall Street by Ken Auletta here.



Join host Colbert Cannon in conversation with Will Mesdag, a Senior Advisor to HPS. We’ll hear about his 21-year career at Goldman Sachs, where he spanned various locations from New York to Frankfurt, and caught the eye of former US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. We discuss his transition to founding Red Mountain Capital Partners in 2005. We also learn about his work with the Equity Alliance to invest in diverse fund managers.

To learn more about Equity Alliance, visit the website here.

Check out Will’s Best Idea, the book Wilmington's Lie by Pulitzer Prize winner David Zucchino, here. Learn more about Colbert’s Best Idea, the book The Anarchy by William Dalrymple, here.



In this episode, host Colbert Cannon sits down with Tracy Blackwell, CEO of U.K.-based Pension Insurance Corporation. We learn about her transition from Goldman Sachs to helping start PIC, a U.K.-based defined benefits scheme liabilities insurer. We gain insights on the two trillion pounds market and its trajectory. We also hear how Tracy led her fast-growing team through the global pandemic and beyond.

Check out Colbert's Best Idea, Tony Kushner's Angels in America here, now streaming on HBO Max.


Host Colbert Cannon sits down with Men in Blazers’ Roger Bennett, a self-described American trapped in an Englishman's body who’s become one of the most prominent football (read: soccer, for our more Anglocentric listeners) commentators in the U.S. We hear how he and co-host Michael Davis turned a niche football podcast into a primetime show scooped up by ESPN. We also hear about Roger’s love affair with the America that he dreamed of while growing up in Liverpool in the 80s, and his path to becoming a U.S. citizen.

Roger's new book, (Re)born in the USA, is now available wherever books are sold. Learn more about the book here. Listen to Roger's podcast, Men in Blazers, here.

Check out Roger's Best Idea, music programming from Australian radio station triple j here. You can find more on Colbert's Best Idea, the beloved New York local bookstore, The Strand, here.



Colbert Cannon sits down with Dick Parsons, Senior Advisor at Providence Equity and former CEO of TimeWarner. We hear about his work as legal counsel to President Gerald Ford, and his eventual transition out of the courtroom and into the boardroom as CEO of Dime Savings Bank and later TimeWarner. We discuss how he navigated Citigroup as their Board Chair through the calamitous financial industry post-2008 and talk about leading under duress. We also learn about Dick’s efforts with Equity Alliance to help level the playing field regarding access to capital.

To learn more about Equity Alliance, visit the website here.

Check out Dick's Best Idea, the book Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson here. And be sure to stream David Byrne's American Utopia on HBO Max here.


In this episode, host Colbert Cannon sits down with Megan Colligan, President of IMAX Corporation. We hear about Megan’s career path from Wall Street, to political campaigns, to the film industry. We also consider the future of theaters post-pandemic. And for horror film buffs, we learn about the unique strategy Megan used to promote the most profitable movie of all time, Paranormal Activity.

You can watch Colbert’s Best Idea, Edge of Tomorrow, on Amazon, YouTube, or other streaming platforms.



We’re back for Season 3 of The HPScast. Host Colbert Cannon speaks with Richard Fisher, the former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. We’ll hear about his role in shaping economic policy under President Carter and as the U.S. Trade representative to President Clinton’s administration. We also discuss his decade-long tenure at the helm of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Learn more about Richard’s term at the Dallas Fed here. You can check out Richard’s podcast, Coffee with the Greats, here. Listen to musician Robert Earl Keen, Colbert’s Best Idea for this week, here.



We’re closing out Season 2 of the HPScast with a look back. Host Colbert Cannon remembers some of the best moments from his conversations with all of our guests in the second half. We’ll be back with all new episodes coming Summer 2021.



In this special episode, Colbert Cannon and HPS CEO Scott Kapnick sit down with Dr. Wayne Frederick, President of Howard University. We’ll hear how Dr. Frederick applies his problem solving techniques in the operating room to navigate challenging times more broadly, and the importance of building real relationships in the fight for economic and social parity. We’ll also learn about Howard University’s new partnership with HPS to help students better prepare for careers in business and finance.

You can find out more about the HPS Center for Financial Excellence at Howard University School of Business here. Take a listen to the BBC's podcast In Our Time that we discussed here.




In this episode, host Colbert Cannon sits down with David Ross, Chief Executive Officer at the Ardonagh Group. We’ll hear about David’s first steps into the insurance business and how he creates a culture of accountability and trust in his firm. We also learn how he applied those lessons to the difficult task of turning around Towergate.

You can find out more about Patrick Radden Keefe and his book Say Nothing here.




Host Colbert Cannon speaks with Gary Stead, a Managing Director at HPS based in Australia. In this episode, we’ll hear about Gary’s various M&A roles spanning the globe from Sydney to Singapore, and his evolution from being a banker to being an investor. We also get into the role of direct lending in the bank-dominated Australian market and what Gary sees on its horizon.

Try out Colbert’s go-to recipe for his Aussie-inspired dessert, the Pavlova, here.




Join host Colbert Cannon as he sits down with Sebastian Schroff, the Global Head of Private Debt at Allianz. We’ll hear how Sebastian transitioned from academia to lead Allianz’s charge into private credit, and how alternative asset classes are paying off in today’s low yield market. We’ll also learn how the pandemic is pushing direct lending further into the mainstream.

Visit Allianz’s website to learn more about the firm here.

You can orderTyll by Daniel Kehlmann here.



In this episode, Colbert speaks with Andy Hovancik, the President & CEO of Sovos Compliance. We’ll learn how Andy leveraged his experience in industries from manufacturing to software to plot his own course, and how he pushed past his comfort zone to navigate a tricky carveout. We’ll also get insights into how Sovos applies a global perspective to local taxes and maintains one of the highest customer retention rates in the business.

Visit Sovos Compliance’s website to learn more about Andy here.

Check out Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl here, and A Man in Full by Tom Wolfe here.



Host Colbert Cannon sits down with Dan Goor, the co-creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We’ll learn about the dynamics of the writer’s room, the importance of setting time horizons for creators, and why clown school is the right first step for any good comedian. We’ll also throw it back to Dan’s college days as Colbert’s roommate.

You can stream Season 6 of History Channel’s Alone on Netflix now.




Join host Colbert Cannon as he sits down with Irwin Gold, Executive Chairman of Houlihan Lokey. We’ll hear how Irwin and team built Houlihan Lokey’s restructuring business into the global industry leader it is today. We’ll also go behind-the-scenes for some of the largest and most complicated restructuring deals led by Irwin over the last three decades.


This week, host Colbert Cannon looks back at the key takeaways of Season 2 so far as The HPScast heads into its midseason break. We wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season, and we'll be back in the New Year with all new episodes.



In this episode, Colbert speaks with Morton Schapiro, the President of Northwestern University. We’ll hear how a self-described college underachiever became the leader at a top research university, the ins and outs of helming the board of the Big Ten Conference, navigating welcoming back students in the time of Covid, and the best class at Northwestern.

Visit Northwestern’s website to learn more about Morton Schapiro here.

Pre-order Minds Wide Shut: How the New Fundamentalisms Divide Us, here.



Host Colbert Cannon sits down with Al Alaimo, who oversees credit for the Arizona State Retirement System, on behalf of half a million retirees and current employees. We speak about building ASRS’s private debt portfolio, the most overrated markets in credit today and moving out West.



Join host Colbert Cannon in conversation with one of HPS’ Governing Partners Scot French. We’ll hear about the growth & evolution of the mezzanine market, financing entrepreneurs and getting pitched to join HPS.

Learn more about Scot French’s role in HPS here. Find out more about Colbert’s Best Idea, the English Premier League, here.



Host Colbert Cannon sits down with Payne Brown, President of THINK450, the marketing and licensing arm of the NBA Players Association. We hear about his transition from local government to helping broker Comcast’s acquisition of NBC, and his ambitions for the iconic NBA brand. We discuss the need for proactive change in diversity and inclusion efforts and what we stand to lose if we fail to do so.

Visit THINK450’s website here to learn more.

Read “Letter From a Birmingham Jail" by Martin Luther King Jr. -- Payne’s Best Idea -- here. You can stream "The Last Dance", Colbert’s Best Idea, now on Netflix.


We’re back for Season 2 of The HPScast. Host Colbert Cannon speaks with Kevin Lavin, CEO of Ankura, a global consulting firm focused on corporate restructuring. We’ll hear how Ankura stepped in to pull Atlantic City out of its financial straits and how the firm helped to restructure Puerto Rico’s heavy debt load.


In our Season 1 finale, Colbert talks with one of the country’s leading litigators and corporate advisors, Brad Karp, Chairman of Paul Weiss. We’ll hear about the importance of good workplace culture, the mentors that shaped him both personally and professionally, and what it’s like working for a company that prioritizes public service and pro bono work.


Join host, Colbert Cannon, as he speaks with investment banker extraordinaire, Dan Aronson, who is the Senior Managing Director of the Restructuring and Debt Advisory Group at Evercore. We’ll hear about the value of emotional intelligence in business, why the most important person in your office is not your boss, and the unexpected lifestyle tip that keeps him effective both at the office and at home.


In this episode, Colbert speaks with one of HPS’s own Governing Partners, Michael Patterson. We’ll hear how an earthquake in the Middle East upended international smuggling routes, the costly hiring mistakes that most managers are making, a business plan that didn’t go as expected, and how he navigated safely through it all.


Join host, Colbert Cannon, as he speaks with Robert Thompson, who invests capital to provide retirement benefits to over 400,000 plan participants as Senior Portfolio Manager at UPS Group Trust. We’ll take a deep dive into the evolution of the credit landscape over the last decade, get an inside look into the typical day of an allocator, and hear the lessons learned while investing in the midst of the most volatile markets during the global financial crisis.

In this episode, Colbert talks with Todd Siegel, CEO of cxLoyalty. We’ll hear about the operations behind the scenes when you cash in on credit card rewards points, why the carrot-and-stick approach to management is outdated, and what it’s like to serve as the General Counsel, CFO, and CEO of one of the world’s top travel agencies that you’ve never heard of.


Join host, Colbert Cannon, as he speaks with cable and media legend, Leo Hindery, to discuss his newly-formed SPAC, Trine Acquisition Corp. We’ll hear his take on the macro challenges of today’s streaming platforms, why politics and philanthropy are integral to his lifestyle, and how he managed to win his class racing at the legendary 24 hours of Le Mans.


In this episode, Colbert speaks with one of HPS’s own Governing Partners, Purnima Puri. We’ll hear about how struggling in organic chemistry led to a BA in Math at Northwestern, the best takeaways from Harvard Business School, and what made her drop everything to join CEO Scott Kapnick in building HPS into the leading global investment firm it is today.


In the season premiere of The HPS Cast, join host Colbert Cannon as he speaks with Bryan Marsal, co-CEO of the consulting firm, Alvarez & Marsal. We’ll hear important rules to successfully maintain a 35-year business partnership, how problem loans get worked out, and what it took to administer the largest bankruptcy of all time in the wake of a global financial crisis.