Becoming a leading global investment firm doesn't happen in a vacuum. Join us for conversations with some of HPS’s closest partners and clients about how they got to where they are today, and how those experiences help them drive value creation on a day to day basis.


In the season premiere of The HPS Cast, join host Colbert Cannon as he speaks with Bryan Marsal, co-CEO of the consulting firm, Alvarez & Marsal. We’ll hear important rules to successfully maintain a 35-year business partnership, how problem loans get worked out, and what it took to administer the largest bankruptcy of all time in the wake of a global financial crisis.


In this episode, Colbert speaks with one of HPS’s own Governing Partners, Purnima Puri. We’ll hear about how struggling in organic chemistry led to a BA in Math at Northwestern, the best takeaways from Harvard Business School, and what made her drop everything to join CEO Scott Kapnick in building HPS into the leading global investment firm it is today.


Join host, Colbert Cannon, as he speaks with cable and media legend, Leo Hindery, to discuss his newly-formed SPAC, Trine Acquisition Corp. We’ll hear his take on the macro challenges of today’s streaming platforms, why politics and philanthropy are integral to his lifestyle, and how he managed to win his class racing at the legendary 24 hours of Le Mans.


In this episode, Colbert talks with Todd Siegel, CEO of cxLoyalty. We’ll hear about the operations behind the scenes when you cash in on credit card rewards points, why the carrot-and-stick approach to management is outdated, and what it’s like to serve as the General Counsel, CFO, and CEO of one of the world’s top travel agencies that you’ve never heard of.


Join host, Colbert Cannon, as he speaks with Robert Thompson, who invests capital to provide retirement benefits to over 400,000 plan participants as Senior Portfolio Manager at UPS Group Trust. We’ll take a deep dive into the evolution of the credit landscape over the last decade, get an inside look into the typical day of an allocator, and hear the lessons learned while investing in the midst of the most volatile markets during the global financial crisis.